6 Easy ways to show your spouse you love them.

1. Talk good about them to everyone, even when they are not around.

2. Put your phone down when they come in, ask them about their day ... and listen to what they have to say.

3. Love them always, even on days they're not the easiest to love.

4. Be honest and loyal. Two traits that show love.

5. Allow them to be who they are without trying to constantly "fix" them to be more like you.

6. Adore them for what they look like on the outside AND inside.


  1. SO important that spouses talk good about each other - it makes the marriage better :)

  2. Great reminders. So important to be proactive in our marriages to love on each other and build each other up.

  3. These are such sweet tips! I would add: DON'T nag!


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