5 skill building exercises that increase coordination and speed


Building and training skills require a lot of hard work and dedication. Even if you have the most gifted body, without the motivation to reach a certain goal, you will inevitably fail. As the saying goes, “no pain, no gain,” one must maintain a high level of focus and determination in order to achieve their goals, especially when training the body. While the process may seem slow and repetitive, as long as one is dedicated, he will surely definitely reap the fruits of his hard work eventually.

Fortunately, through the passing of time and the emergence of experts and professionals who study the development of body, many kinds of skill-building exercises have been created and perfected to specifically train and develop certain skill sets. If you want to focus on developing your speed and coordination then here are the top 5 skill-building exercises that will surely make your training more efficient.

1. Agility Ladder

Agility ladders are one of the most effective and famous exercises that develop coordination and speed. In fact, even the most famous top athletes train with different variations of the agility ladder. It is very simple and can be done without the help of a coach or a helper. Furthermore, it also doesn’t exhaust the athlete. Thus, after doing agility ladder drills, one can quickly train their other skills or transition to heavier routines.

One of the most basic agility ladder drills is the hopscotch drill. To do the hopscotch drill, one needs to stand with both feet hip-width apart outside the agility ladder. He then must lift and hop into the next box and land on one foot and then hop into the next box with both feet. The same routine would be done in the next set of ladder boxes except that the athlete must land on the other foot.

2. Reaction Speed Drills

Testing reaction time is also a very good way to develop overall quickness. One of the most basic drills is by asking a friend or a coach to throw a ball behind you and time how quick you react and retrieve the ball back. Also, with this kind of drill, you would be able to train the coordination of your eyes and your feet.

3. Synchronization

Synchronization drills are the most effective routines to develop overall balance, coordination, and endurance. Basic drills include swinging and clapping of arms together while doing skipping routines or running with high knees while making circles with one arm. There are many other additional variations. With these drills, you will also be able to test your mental focus and toughness, aside from the body.
4. Accelerating Sprints

Running sprints is, of course, a very effective way to develop and increase your speed. And with accelerating sprints, you would be able to achieve faster and better results. The drill is done by setting specific distance points in which you would have to increase your running speed. The gradual increase in running speed helps you develop control of your body and its reaction aside from increasing your acceleration and speed.

5. Jump Ropes

One of the simplest and basic forms of exercise, yet one of the most effective and widely-used is the jump rope. With jump rope routines, you are able to train your coordination, balance, and overall endurance. Also, training your muscles and joints will increase your speed and agility in the long run.

Ultimately, even with the help of the above exercise routines, you should always remember to pair exercise with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Without the right balance of these aspects, you will surely be just running around in circles and won’t be able to improve.  

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