Date Night At Home Done Right

Who doesn’t love a date night? But when you’ve got kids, a dog and everything else on your plate, it can be hard to find the time. Having a date night at home is the easiest solution to help you enjoy some quality time with your partner. But how can you make your date night at home more special than the average night on the couch?

Take a look at these great tips for having a great date night at home.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Get prepared

To help you make the most of your date night, you need to prepare first. By cleaning the house from top to bottom, there’ll be no distractions and no desire to do housework just because you’ve got some quiet time at home.

If you can, send the kids to a babysitter - this could be a really good time for them to go and stay with a relative! With everything at home taken care of, and the house really to yourselves, you can get ready to enjoy your date night.

Get dressed up

While it’s tempting to put on your PJs or comfy clothes when you’re at home, you can make your date night a bit special by getting dressed up. Pretend you’re going out and wear something that makes you feel great!

Order a fancy dinner

If you were going out to a restaurant, you wouldn’t be cooking your own dinner, so why do it at home? You could order in a fancy meal from a local restaurant as a way to add a bit of luxury to your typical at-home meal.

If you decide to cook, why not prepare it the day before so all you need to do is warm it up? That way, you could even have some money left over for a nice bottle of Veuve Clicquot. It’s not often that you get the chance to have a special night, so make sure you push the boat out a bit!

Turn off all distractions

It can be difficult to switch off while having a date night at home, but you need to so that you can really enjoy it. Put your phones away and all of your other tech so that you can enjoy some quality time together.
Of course, watching a movie is also a great way to enjoy a date night. According to this Surfshark test on Flixboss, this handy VPN can help you access Netflix titles from across the globe. Opening up your selection of films to watch is a great way to spend a date night in. This way, you can likely find a film you have both not watched before, or possibly even tick a film off your list of classics. 

Add something extra special

Dinner and a movie aren’t the only options for your date night. There are a lot of different at-home date night ideas you can try to make your night extra special. Why not hire someone to teach you cocktail making, or a couple’s massage? Think outside the box and add an additional treat to your evening.

Spending time together as a couple is important, so even if everything else in life gets in the way, try to enjoy quality time together at home. Check out some other habits of happy couples to help you focus on your strong and healthy relationship.


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