Top 5 Beauty Treatments for Busy Moms

Being a mom is a full time job. Between work, house chores, homework, football/basketball/baseball
practises, paying the bills, juggling the in-laws, date nights, and doing your taxes, little time is left for
relaxation. As rewarding as family duties can be, moms deserve a treat sometimes.
If home spa days aren’t your thing and you want something extra (you deserve it!), we give you top 5
beauty treatments that are trendy, safe, won’t take too much time, but will surely give you a confidence
boost and a refreshment!

Permanent Makeup
Once the little ones come along, the once self-indulgent morning routine goes something like this: wake
‘em up, quick shower, wake ‘em up again, slap on some foundation, feed ‘em, put on the first clean
thing you get your hands on, get ‘em dressed, slap on some mascara, get ‘em into the station wagon and
No time for meticulous makeup. Luckily, salvation comes in the form of permanent makeup treatments.
This range of procedures includes permanent eyeliner, micro blading (an eyebrow styling technique),
permanent lipstick, lash lift, etc. Basically, your local permanent makeup artist can give you an entire
makeup look that will stay on for months, years even, no need to reapply. Permanent makeup goes into
the skin, so it won’t get ruined no matter what you do. It’s a great way to save time in the morning
without sacrificing your look. And no, these are not tattoos; these procedures are much less invasive
and will fade away eventually.

Leave-in Hair Color
Let’s face it, only a very small percentage of women is totally happy with their natural hair color.
However, dying your hair gets old after a few years, as constant touch ups take so much time and
energy. Moms especially don’t have the time to waste at a hair salon every six weeks.
That’s why so many of them opt for the lived-in color technique available in many salons now. This is an
innovative way of coloring that is based on your natural hair color and meticulous positioning of several
similar shades. This way, roots are barely noticeable and you get that subtle, yet effective glam look. The
best part – you need touch ups only every 6 months!

Laser Hair Removal
Body hair – the greatest enemy of the 21 st century woman. Admittedly, the body positivity wave has
liberated us a bit, but for those who still prefer the smooth look, laser hair removal is the way to go.
Every beauty centre under the sun does it now, and the prices have dropped in the past few years.
Laser hair removal is the only way to do away with shaving, waxing and plucking. This is a way to take
care of your armpits, legs, peach fuzz, arms, bikini zone. The procedure does require some commitment,
though, as you need to have several sessions and stick to the schedule, but you will save so much time in
the long run!

Chemical Peels
A chemical peel is an all-in-one solution to all your skin problems. It improves skin texture, minimizes
fine lines, and gives you an overall glow, younger-looking skin in just one treatment. This procedure is
done by a dermatologist who adapts a cocktail of chemicals suited to your skin’s needs.
This basically removes the damaged top layer of the skin, revealing new, healthier and improved skin
underneath. This is a way to prevent countless appointments and get straight into an effective solution.
It’s worth mentioning however, to choose your dermo wisely.

Cosmetic Fillers
No more plastic surgery. It’s all cosmetic fillers now – a safer, cheaper, subtler way to enhance your
beauty and boost your confidence. Dermatologists have developed collagen and hyaluronic acid based
fillers that can be used to plump up the lips, fill in fine lines anywhere on the face, minimize the visibility
of under-eye bags, ever contour the face.
The main reason fillers have replaced botox is the fact that their origin is natural (collagen and
hyaluronic acid are already in our skin, we just need a bit more of it), and they are broken down by the
body naturally. It gives the skin fullness, yet doesn’t result in the total lack of facial expressions.

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