One year ago little did I know this was it.  No more running, no more listening to the voices telling me I wouldn't last.

This time it was different

I was about to grow in so many ways.

It was more then just a job it was a healing process that was taking place from the inside out. 

I was so lost and so broken... My joy was misplaced because I allowed what other people had said to me live inside and fester.  I was living in the fear of my past. Emotional abuse may not leave physical bruises, but it often leaves behind deep, lingering wounds.

March 2020 I lost my job due to covid but July 7-2020 changed that for me.  It may sound crazy but I felt I was 'home'.  I am not saying every day was perfect but after jobs failing because I was so broken and continued to break apart everyday because of verbal abuse I endured from managers, I just had enough, enough brokenness or I would never survive. 

I am so so thankful for this past year and all the patience, support, and did I mention patience they have shown me

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