Genius Tricks For Turning Your Garden Into A Self-Care Oasis'

 If you’ve ever lived without a garden, you’ll know how challenging it can make life. There’s just nowhere to go to enjoy nature. You’re encircled by concrete in all directions. It’s not pleasant.

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Gardens are important for self-care. They keep you feeling healthy and vibrant. And, if you spend a lot of time with them, they can even restore your body. 

But what can you actually do to turn your garden into an oasis that supports your health? Here are some of your options. 

Add A Bird Box

Birds are an important part of garden ecosystems. They help to control pests and their droppings provide other benefits (as long as they don’t hit your car).

However, birds need places to live, especially smaller species that are prone to the cold. That’s why it’s a good idea to nail bird boxes to trees around your garden. Nesting pairs will move into your outdoor space quickly and, if you’re lucky, sing beautiful birdsong in the morning for you when you wake up. 

Try To Increase Tree Cover

All gardens need trees to complete their ecosystems. Multiple species use trees as habitats, acting a little bit like homes, particularly birds and small mammals.

Unfortunately, many people landscape their gardens in a way that removes trees, and that’s a bad idea. It will make it much more difficult to achieve a diversity of species. 

Increasing tree cover also makes a difference to your personal health. The more forested an area feels, the better your mental health will be. 

If you don’t have any trees right now, you can buy trees online. However, it will still take a long time for them to grow to full size. 

Add Fragrant Plants

Adding evergreen shrubs to your garden is a great way to make it greener faster. But if you really want to make the outdoor space feel like an oasis, try adding fragrant plants instead. Conventional bulb flowers, roses, and even lavender are all great options here.

Make At Least One Part Of Your Garden “Sacred”

Gardens should have at least one sacred space. This area should feel different from everywhere else. Perhaps it’s at the end of a long path. Or maybe, it is right in the corner, by a flowing brook. To make it feel even more special, add statues and fountains. 

Use Winding Paths

Speaking of paving, why not add a winding path through your garden? Its elegant shape will help to add to the mystery of the space and leave guests in awe. 

Choose Plants That Promote Relaxation

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Most people don’t consider which are the most relaxing plants when turning their backyards into oases. However, some are better than others in this regard. 

Lavender, for instance, produces a scent that may help fight depression and reduce inflammation. 

You might also want to try chamomile. This is well known for reducing anxiety. Ferns might also be a good idea as they tend to improve oxygenation in the air and may offer better growing conditions for other plants. 

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