A 101 For Falling Back In Love With Food And Cooking Nourishing Meals

 If you have recently fallen out of love with cooking and eating nourishing meals, you have come to the right place. 

With these tips, you can soon regain your love for food and start to cook more balanced and nutritional meals.

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Put a spin on your favorite ingredients

Eating the same dishes repeatedly can get boring, even if they include your favorite ingredients. 

Therefore, to fall back in love with food again and enjoy nutritious meals, it can be a smart idea to take the time and effort to put a spin on your favorite dishes. 

For instance, making a spicy and smokey eggplant bharta instead of an aubergine parmigiana is a great way to put a twist on your favorite ingredient, eggplant. 

Grow your own produce

You could grow your own food instead of relying on the supermarket for your fruits and vegetables. Although it can take time to create a vegetable patch, purchase the seeds, plant them, and wait for them to grow, it is a great way to able to eat fresh produce without going far. It can help you experiment with new ingredients and teach you more about the process of food. 

Plus, it might encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables as they will be easily accessible. Instead of walking or driving to the supermarket, you can pick them fresh from your garden and enjoy a more nutritious and balanced meal.

Keep it simple

You might hinder your love for cooking due to trying to cook complex dishes. Although it can feel rewarding to cook something complex and get it right, sometimes it can take too much time and leave you exhausted to eat the food. 

Therefore, it can be a smart idea to keep it simple if you are trying to fall back in love with food. Sometimes, the simplest dishes can be the most satisfying. Not only are they easier to cook, but they can also often be more nourishing and easy on the stomach.  

Cook with someone else

If you dislike cooking alone, why not ask someone to cook with you? It could be a friend, your partner, or children. Having someone to cook with can be exciting and much more fun as you can bounce ideas off of one another and help with each task. 

For example, you might dislike cooking because of the silence and loathe chopping vegetables. If you have someone in the kitchen with you, it will be louder and more comforting, and you can ask them to help with the tasks you dislike. 

Make a plan

Those that are lazy and uninspired with their meals should consider making a plan. Doing so will ensure you do not get lazy with cooking and choose takeaways instead. 

Making a meal plan will help you shop at the supermarket and ensure you eat balanced and nourishing meals throughout the week. A plan will hold you accountable and help you stay organized with your cooking and eating.

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