5 Ways to Transform Your Fireplace

 If you’ve just refreshed your home and you’re looking for something else to transform, then your fireplace may be the best course of action! The fireplace is known for being the room's centerpiece, especially for living rooms or dens. Just as furniture and décor can help set the tone for the room, so can a fireplace. But when it comes to the fireplace, how can you transform it? Fortunately, it’s not really about removing your curtain and adding something to it; it’s far easier than that. So, here are some ways to make that transformation with little work!

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Tile it Up

Tiles are a great way to add drama and interest to your hearth and the fireplace's surroundings. Why go with this? Well, if you want to add some European influencers, such as how the Dutch or Portuguese do it, then tiles are a perfect way. While yes, it does require a bit of work, this can be the best way to help make your fireplace look gorgeous!

Consider Modernizing

A fireplace is one of the most useful focal points in any living space, especially in the living room. Regarding this focal point, you will want to do what you can to ensure it’s not some eyesore. Soot-filled hearths, chipped brick, and a stained surround can all make your fireplace look dirty and worn. It’s not too hard to modernize it; it’s all about cleaning it up, polishing it, and sprucing it up. Some quick ways to modernize it include painting, refacing, or even adding some unique ceramic tiles.

Decorate the Surroundings

Whether your fireplace is functional or not, it’s an excellent place to display artwork and décor objects. The right items can instantly elevate a drab mantel. If you’re a painting or print person, try hanging a few different styles to give your space a unique look. You can also snag a striking sculpture to add a bit of flair. Christmas isn’t the only time to spruce up this area, so get as creative as you'd like! Usually, artwork or mirrors are hung up above, and it looks dazzling!

Add a Hearth

Hearths are not only gorgeous for fireplaces, but they can also protect your floor from the heat, all while bringing a visual aesthetic right into your room. They add this small touch of romanticism, so what is there not to love? Depending on your fireplace, you can use various materials to build your hearth. Concrete, stone, and tiles are all popular choices for creating a unique look, but you can still go beyond that and even use modern reclaimed wood fireplace. Just because the hearth is made of wood doesn’t immediately make it dangerous.

Look into a Fireplace Screen

Adding a fireplace screen to your fireplace is a great way to add safety while enhancing your hearth's aesthetics. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, so you can find one that fits your style perfectly. You can count on different designs being available to find something that matches your aesthetic. However, if you own a faux fireplace or an electric one, this won’t be necessary unless you try to make it look realistic.

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