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Some parents can’t wait for summer to arrive, while others try desperately to plan some activities around work to keep everyone happy. No matter what camp you fall into - or if you’re a mix of both on any given day, here are some tips to help your summer be the best one ever. 

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For you and your child! If you’ve ever said the words ‘I used to be fun’, then it is time to get your fun cap back on. You don’t need to plan it or even tell the kids it is happening. When the laptop closes and the last chore of the day is done, get the water pistols out and take your shot. 

Yes, it is asking you to find extra energy after a long hot day, but you and your children will thank you for it - you never know when these moments will be over. 

Pool Time 

An inflatable pool is great, but there is a lot of maintenance that goes with it, and sometimes (almost all the time) it is better to get a pool installed. Yes, even if you have slightly older children or a small yard, there is a pool that will work for you from Royal Swimming Pools. A pool offers hours of fun, the ability to cool down in the heat, and you can take a dip in the evenings in peace.
However, with the enjoyment of pool ownership comes the responsibility of ensuring safety, especially for families with children.  One essential feature is a pool fence, which serves as a physical barrier to prevent accidental falls and unwanted access to the pool area, particularly for younger children. These fences come in various styles, from classic wrought iron designs to modern glass panels, while another type of fence that can Protect Your Loved Ones: Mesh Pool Fences. The range of different fences available allows you to choose an option that complements the aesthetics of your backyard. Additionally, be sure to opt for self-closing and self-latching gates to ensure the pool area remains secure even when in use.

For those with older children, some companies provide safety covers and alarms, offering an added layer of protection against potential accidents. These innovative solutions not only enhance safety but also contribute to energy efficiency by retaining heat and reducing water evaporation.

Swimming lessons are a must! 

New Hobbies 

The summertime is the perfect time to try new hobbies. You have a string of up to 8 weeks where there is no school structure. Kids love learning and doing, and it can be a great way for them to figure out what they love to do. 

Classes can be added to your schedule at the weekend for things like instruments, but things like making videos or art can be done at home! 


Balance is a mystical word most of the time because usually while finding balance in the holidays, something slips off the plate. Many children benefit from structure - and it also helps out working parents a lot. Make a timetable with activity ideas for your children (if they are old enough to be autonomous) so that they have things they can do while you work. 

Alternatively, look for local fun classes and sessions that they can attend while you get some work done. At a minimum, try to have dinner together as often as possible. 

Get everyone involved in the tasks that fit their age, like running errands, helping make dinners, cleaning up, tidying toys, and so on. Anything that they can safely help you do - and try not to be too critical of the efforts. Let them help! 

Tip: no one likes chores, but you can make them more fun with these tips: 7 WAYS TO MAKE CHORES MORE ENJOYABLE

Energy Check 

Your energy and mood will dictate the energy and mood in the rest of the house. Aim to keep your stress levels low, and when you have low-energy days - aim for swimming, art, and reading. High energy days? Have some spontaneous trips up your sleeve. Work with what you have available so that you’re never running dry yourself. 

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