5 Tips For Hosting The Best Thanksgiving Ever

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching! If you’re hosting, you’re probably controlling your excitement with a hint of anxiety. Will the food taste great? Will they love the wine? Will the turkey turn out nice, moist, and well-cooked, or the wine pair perfectly with the food? Will your guests be happy? Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and not worrying. Understandably, you want everything to turn out perfectly fine. So, use these tips to create and host your best Thanksgiving ever.

  1. Your menu should be ready by November

Don’t wait until about a couple of weeks to the d-day before you start scrambling for ideas. Start creating your menu and have it done by November (or earlier if you have time). Why this early? It gives you enough time to schedule your shopping and other pre-arrangements. Plus, you’ll avoid the pre-holiday rush and possible hike in prices. You might even have more than enough time to get your trial-and-error moments out of the way. But it would help if you resisted the temptation to try fancy recipes. Instead, stick to something simple and nail it. 

  1. Start trying out your food-wine combination

Your Thanksgiving wine should go perfectly with the food. So, waste no time deciding which option is best for the meals you want to prepare. That means you should get your menu right before deciding on your wine. Several tricks and tips are available to guide you when pairing wines with food. The key is to find refreshing yet acidic wines to match the heavy dishes without overpowering any of the meals in terms of taste or flavor. 

  1. Set the mood with the right decor

You want your home (or wherever you want to host the dinner) to be in the perfect mood for Thanksgiving. Start making plans for your table setting. Ideally, you want to use fall-themed decorations like pumpkins, seasonal flowers, and scented candles.

After picking your decor elements, give your guests a personalized feel by creating handwritten gratitude notes and leaving them on each seat. The final touch to the perfect mood will be soft background music during the dinner. 

  1. Calculate the timing of the meal itself

The main course dish is at the heart of any Thanksgiving dinner, and you need to serve it when it’s at the perfect temperature and texture. Calculate the timing by working backward from when you intend to serve the dinner, then write a step-by-step plan for making the dish. You can do this for every dish, timing each one based on how they’ll overlap. Do this until you’ve gone through all your dishes for the day. 

  1. Decide on your helpers and let them know ahead of time

If you’re expecting quite a turn-up, you’ll need all the help you can get. Decide who will be your helpers in the kitchen and tell them their roles beforehand. This way, you wouldn’t have to dictate commands on Thanksgiving day, as everything will flow seamlessly. 

Also, leave the dessert to your guests. If you know who to expect, let them bring the dessert (and even wine) they prefer. Of course, you can still make yours, but you won't be burdened with too much work and’ll have time to focus on the main dish. 

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