The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Shapewear Dress at Work

How to Wear Shapewear in The Office? 

The world has undergone important transformations in the business area. First, we had to adapt to working from home without being able to see friends and make important social exchanges for personal, professional and productive development. 


So, even though we had adapted a temporary office in the guest room, our way of dressing changed along with the adaptive routine of home, family and professional activities. But it wasn't just the traditional routine that changed, fashion also had to adapt to a lighter lifestyle. 


Women began to desire a style that was not as casual as the one used in the home office, but also not as tight and square as the traditional model. It was then that pieces such as a shapewear dress became important aids in female physical, mental and social well-being. 


In this article, you can gather important tips to include shapewear in the business environment with good taste, assertiveness and comfort. 

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Do: Wear Shapewear with Pencil Skirts 

Pencil skirts are an important symbol of business fashion. But they don't deliver an interesting structure like a shapewear dress, as they don't have the characteristics that define your curves. Therefore, it is advisable that you invest in an elegant dress, with a structure very similar to a pencil skirt and with your belly easily defined through the compression mesh located in the belly area. In addition, it is possible to achieve well-defined hips, thighs and butt for a more symmetrical appearance, ideal for the work environment. 

You can create a very similar look with a blouse and skirt set with a dress. Add a comfortable belt to divide your waist. Additionally, finish the look with an overlay made in a similar or identical fabric to the dress to create harmony with matching pieces! 




Don’t: Wear a Bra with a Button-Down Shirt 

Button-down blouses are interesting for creating a more professional look, as they make it easy to create a more formal appearance. The problem is when you choose a size smaller than yours, or create space between one button and another, mainly due to the volume of your breasts. 

You can make this process easier by using a dresses with built in tummy control to create a more delicate shape than you would achieve with a button-down blouse and pants.  


The body shaper feature underneath is excellent as it smoothes your curves invisibly. The butt gains a new appearance through the BBL effect. The color gray is trendy, it is elegant, as it has long been associated with the symbol of nobility. If you still want to wear a button-down shirt, try it as a layer with a version of the dress with adjustable straps rather than long sleeves. Furthermore, the open reinforcement is an important item that makes your trips to the bathroom easier, saving time and allowing you to focus on professional activities. 


Do: Wear Shapewear Bras with Professional Tops 


A dress with a built-in bra ensures breast support without you having to worry about your underwear showing through your main clothing. The coverage is total, providing the necessary practicality to make it easier to wear for everyday activities. 


You get a better fit, as the removable cups represent a resource of freedom for the woman. It is possible to create the perfect bra according to your breast size or body shape. Furthermore, they are very comfortable and of higher quality than cheaper traditional bras, which wear out easily. 

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Don’t: Risk Going Without! 

You deserve comfort throughout your workday. Therefore, you should invest in clothes with the ideal length for the business environment. With this in mind, choose a shapewear midi dress or go for the maxi length with a soft, highly elastic and breathable fabric so that you don't suffer from unwanted effects of heat on hotter days. 


Other clothes may be tight. Traditional panties and bras sometimes don't provide the support you need and even reveal more uncomfortable fat. The shapewear dress defines softness, leaving your posture more aligned and your belly flattened to the right extent. With this, you become much more confident about your image and choose to build a perfect personal style! 

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