It’s been twenty two years today since we stood in front of our family, our friends, and God, to say “I do” to one another. 

Looking back, I’m proud of those twenty-something babies, and the way they were so determined to create a life together. 

But nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me as proud, my love, as the people we are today. 

You see, we’ve come to learn that love doesn’t stay ‘new’ for long. Newly wed life is like a new car, whereas a marriage with miles? 

Well, that takes maintenance , upkeep, work. 

We’ve sat back and watched marriages around us fall apart. We’ve witnessed hardship in our own marriage. We have saw with our own eyes and our own hearts how easy it is to just stop. 

But, Baby - I’m so proud of us for keeping goin’. 

There has been moments where this marriage has been hard on you; there have been moments where this marriage has been hard on me. But how fortunate have we been that our moments? They never coincide. When one of us has been feeling heavy in this marriage, we have been given the blessing of the other one picking us back up; reminding the other of how beautiful our life is together, and refusing to allow the other to just give in to the hard. We’ve both put ego to one side time and time again, and have been willing to put everything on the line, just to keep what we have. 

And it’s working, cause Husband? I am completely, utterly, head over heels obsessed with you, and this life that we have created. I’ll never not be grateful for the hard conversations and the difficult emotions, for they have brought us to where we are now. 

A place where I can confidently say that you are my home. 

I’m truly excited for what’s to come. I’m eager to see what joy life has yet to bring us. And I’m comforted by the fact that no matter what - You will be there by my side, hand in hand, living it all out with me. 

Grey hairs and rocking chairs, Baby. That is the goal. 

Happy Anniversary, Husband 🤍

Thank you for being my greatest love. 

Love Always, Terri Lynn

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