Busy and tired

Ladies, i am so very tired..
I don't know if i have ever felt this tired in my life..
my feet hurt simply because i wore boots that looked cute with my skirt :p why do women do that?

Then i come home make dinner, eat dinner, do the homework thing, have her do her quizzing stuff, then a shower for her and time to get ready to go to bed...

I am tired...

I like my job so much though, one thing about it that i am not so sure about is the customer service involved, don't get me wrong customer service is fine for me, but i don't want to have to balance cash at the end of the night etc...
but oh well, they are hiring someone else in February and then she will do it, ( I HOPE)
The 3 other girls in the office are awesome, they are so helpful and is teaching me all i need to know. 

My New look is almost ready, I'm excited to show you. 

But yeah i am tired...very much so.. 

I cannot use cell phone or work computer for any blogging, face book or any other social media, so when i come home at night, i try to catch up.  

Love you all, thanks for those of you who have emailed or msg'd to ask how my new job is going. 


  1. I am glad your new job is going well. Sounds like you are tired tho. How old is your daughter now a days? Maybe she can help you out around the house more and you wont be as tired or something. I'm not sure what would help. maybe a long hot shower. and relax some before bed.

    1. Hey there

      Once i get back into the swing of things and get a new routine i will be ok, right now though i am exhausted.


Thanks for the blogging Love

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