Meet your 2nd Guest Blogger- this lady can tell you all you need to know about being in shape and staying in shape. So here she is This is Jesse and she blogs over here Top 3 Health and Fitness Apps Give yourself the gift of a few helpful health and fitness Apps. These 3 Apps offer helpful tips by educating and guidance to a healthier you.
MapMyRun Map your run, walk, fitness, ride, tri and hike with this easy to use app. Monitor your miles, duration, workouts and calories burned for each calendar date you input. Among the above mentioned you can find or join local groups in your area, get route recommendations, participate in challenges, receive training plans, share your stories and shop plus others. Use your Facebook account or email to register. Available for free on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.
My Fitness Pal Input your current stats and how much you wish to lose and My Fitness Pal will help keep track of your daily food intake. For each of the foods you input the calories, carbs, fats and protein are added to your daily total's and your daily goal in order for you to stay on track. This is all based on how much you wish to lose and how fast. You can also monitor your water intake and write notes for the day. If you like to keep a hard copy of your journey, My Fitness Pal offers a printable option for the selection of days you choose. Share your journey with others by placing your Fitness Pal badge to paste onto your site. Available for free on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Windows.
Fooducate Simply scan the barcode of the packaged food (over 200,000 products in database) and instantly receive data of what's in your food. Fooducate grades each food with their grading system of A, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, and D. If the food you typically purchase receives a low grade, Fooducate also offers an alternative brand/product as well as price comparison. This app provides milk and milk substitutes suggestions, fruit flavored snacks, healthy recipes, kids nutrition, allergies and gluten free recipes and more. They also publish a daily tip where you can find tips and tricks to help make you a better shopper of nutritious food. Available for free on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android. Do you have a favorite health and fitness app?


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