11 Things i love about you

11 things i love about my Hubby 

1: How smart and intelligent you are
2: How you give me the look of love 
3: The amazing Daddy you are
4: How you never become stressed
5: I love how you snuggle me
6: The way you sound when you say "I love you"
7: How you take care of me
8: If i'm stressed you try to un stress me ( is that a word, haha) 
9:  I love the way you choose t show your affection for me
10: I love how you inspire me to be more then i am
11: You make me feel like i can do anything as long as i am with you 

I love you so much Baby. xox
Here is our wedding song


  1. What a sweet post! Thank you so much for linking up with me at NanaHood.com Do come back and visit again next Thursday! Teresa

  2. Aw very sweet! Nothing beats a good cuddle!


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