Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie for another Confessional Friday 

This week feels like it flew... 
its because work has been so busy 

1) I cannot believe Christmas is in 5 sleeps- like how did that happen.. I have been ready for a long time but now it is so real and it really is here.. Brooke is so excited and she wants to open her presents now, she can't handle the excitement. 

2) For the 4th week in a row we have gotten a storm, then it rains and we have ice around, we still might get a green christmas, I really hope so. 

3) I am not sure if I have some sort of bug or what is going on but everything I eat, makes me sick to the point of wanting to not eat... #notpregnant at least I don't think so. 

4) Making Christmas Cookies this weekend, have a couple new recipes I want to make 

Peanut Butter Fudge 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cracker Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough truffles 

5) I am on a blog break until Jan 5th, 2015 


  1. Lucky for us we've had decent weather so far! And I can't believe it's only 5 days until Christmas!!! I always look forward to my bday (which is on the 18th) and don't think about Christmas until after, lol!

  2. Our weather in Seattle is always blah this time of year. I would be thrilled with some snow-at least then everything is pretty! The fudge looks delicious. I hope you feel better by the time you make them so you can eat them! Merry Christmas!!

  3. You tempted us with those yummy desserts and then left me hanging on the recipe. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. I know that my son would love to have a white Christmas but I don't think we will get it. We would welcome some that snow. I was under the weather last week it really sucked.

  5. We have been getting some pretty great weather these past few days. It's the rainy season here in Trinidad now but you wouldn't think so by the hot, sunny weather that we've been having. I am very grateful for it as it allows me to get outdoors a whole lot more. :)


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