The most wonderful time of the year---- or is it

Turkey, tree,
 jingle bells and santa Claus, 
chocolate, presents

Wrapping paper, 
cookies, friends and family, 
christmas carols and Ho Ho Ho's...

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year or is it?

For most people it is a stressful time of the year, 
stressful because they are without a job so there is a financial strain
they are stressed because they have a job and their budget does not permit them to buy much in the way of presents. 
This is when people turn to plastic as in a credit card
( I am NOT saying credit cards are BAD),

I dont understand why people will max out there credit cards for christmas and then be until Easter ( or longer) to pay it off
I do not Own credit cards and we budget everything, right down to buying milk or as little as a pencil, WHY?
because we do not want debt- ( I am planning a post on this)
why would you use a credit card to pay for something for a special occasion, then before you pay for it, it is broken... sorry, maybe it is just my opinion.
We pay cash for everything we buy for Christmas-
off course having one kid makes it easier and cheaper
- although the older she gets, the more expensive is her christmas list and we can't even ask Santa as she knows he isn't real.

her list this year includes:
boots ( black and brown)
Taylor Swift CD- 1989
paris stuff
there is so much more, she will not get everything on the list

Just because it is Christmas, you do not need to spend $1000 on each kid ( my friend has 3 kids and she spends $1000 on each kid.. Whoah!!!)

How about you? How much do you spend on Christmas? 


  1. Whoahhh. $1000 on each kid? That's a little outrageous. My husband and I typically set a budget of $20 per each family member (like our grandparents, parents, etc.) They know that times are tough, we're still trying to get on our feet as a new married couple, and as far as our little guy, we spend $100, maybe $200 on gifts for him. Luckily, he's still at that age where he likes anything we get him. I'm sure that will change very soon, though lol.

  2. That's a lot! My son is only 15 months so it's easy to not go so crazy on Christmas presents. I can image as he gets older things will get a lot more expensive.

  3. Terri, An excellent post to help us keep it in perspective. Our daughters must be similar in age because their Christmas lists are almost identical :) It takes effort to keep it the most wonderful time of the year. We're trying in our neck of the woods!

  4. Hoping that everyone stays within budget and focuses on the goodness of the season because there is so much goodness to appreciate and focus on!

  5. I usually spend around $50 to $100 on my kids. I could never imagine spending money I didn't have on Christmas gifts. There are so many other ways to celebrate the season :)

  6. We only have one kid, and we don't spend anywhere near $1,000. We don't have a set amount, but we stick to "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read" list. He gets no more than those four gifts from us, and his grandparents and aunts/uncles get him small toys.


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