The subtle Beauty- Review

This is the first I have read by Ann Hunter, it will not be the last! I was drawn into the life of this story,   Hunter's world building capabilities are amazing. I felt like I could really picture the setting without getting bogged down by too many physical descriptions of the terrain. The description is woven artfully throughout the action so that neither drags. I read the book in two days, hardly putting it down to do those things called chores. I only had one major critique. I appreciate that the story moves quickly. There are parts, however, that move a bit too quickly for my taste. For example, at the end when Eoghan returns, Glory has spent an entire year in a state of depression. Her beloved shows up as a human, and I think we only get about two or three pages of explanation. I wanted to see them spend just a bit more time together. I also would have liked him to tie up a few loose ends, such as how his father died, and how he went from being a beastly child to a wise, discerning monster. #CrownsoftheTwelve- look up the hashtag and you can see more reviews.

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