Weekend Recap

Another week has gone rather quickly, I cannot believe how fast this month has gone.

worked til 5 and I met a friend from lunch who works across the road from me, her mom owns a restaurant so we went there to eat, then we went for  piece of chocolate eruption, was so nice to hang out with her. 
It was a happy mail day as well.. pkg from my mom, stickers for planning, and a book. 
Hubby had a work dinner so Brooke and I hung out at hone, we crafted, we watched TV and ate lots of junk food. 

Hubby worked the morning so when he got home we went to town and ran some errands. Brooke needed some new leggings so we went to Urban planet for those, they had such a great sale on so I was delighted with that. 
After shopping we went to visit a lady from church who fell and broke her foot a few weeks ago, she is still in a cast and will be for a few months, was a nice visit. Then we went to Jungle Jims for dinner, I really wanted Fish and chips so I got some there, it was so good.

We had service both morning and night. Kim came for lunch, we normally go out to eat but I feel a cold coming on and wanted to go to bed so I am headed there now. 

Have a great week 


  1. Sound like a great weekend Terri! I hope your new week is equally as great! x

  2. Sounds like a productive weekend. You reminded me that I need to organize lunches with friends more often...I don't even remember the last time I did!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. I tend to love weekends where I've got nothing going on and I can just veg on the couch...or blog. or something like that. Chocolate Eruption sounds cool!


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