Weekend Recap

I was off all day as I took 4 days vacation which gave me most of the time that our family was here of, (my parents arrived a week ago and my in-laws arrived Saturday night), they all wanted to help us move so we were thankful for the help.
My pastors wife came over for coffee with us, then myself, my hubby and my inlaws went downtown so her and I could do coffee while the men did hair cuts, we browsed some downtown and just walked around.
Got some sushi for lunch and then went home.
My parents wanted me to go to the mall with them as they wanted to buy Brooke some things and they wanted me to go along with them.
Andrew went to pass in keys to the landlord who sent me back a beautiful handmade present  for the new house, so nice of her.
Friends of ours brought dinner to us and it was so good.
We had a fire later in the evening and Kim and Moses came over, there were a lot of bugs so we didn't stay out very long but it was nice.

My parents left.
My mother in law wanted to go to chapters with Brooke so I went with them and the men went lawn mower shopping. I bought a new mug and coffee mug for work, I wanted a book for reading at work when it isn't busy... after that we went for Chinese food, did some sight seeing and then I went to bed as I am working night shift for the next 4 days. Yawn.

I slept most of the day away as I worked Sat night so once I was awake I tidied up the house a little and moved some things around to make it like I want it to look. I am thankful for the help unpacking though but something's I want other places to make it the way I want it.

Have a great week. 

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