Weekend Recap

Back to work after my two days off, time flies when were off especially with still organizing and unpacking etc, but we are getting there.  Only 2 boxes remain and they belong in the office which I am slowly setting up.
I also have a craft room that I am loving. It is nice to go in there and work on things and leave it all there when I am done :)
Work was good, after work hubby and I went to Mcdonalds as Brooke was at a sleepover, so we had a mini date.
Cleaned house at 2 am when I got off and just relaxed before bed.
Woke up and went grocery shopping, went to a few shops around with hubby and went home, took a shower and got ready for work. Work wasn't bad, semi quiet which is nice.
I worked again, one more night shift then off for one, three more and off all weekend, Bliss!!
I may not blog much when I am working weekends unless something exciting happens.
Have a good week.

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