As my Facebook status says: Waiting is hard- I need more patience

Waiting is hard, wondering if today will be the day..



a period of waitingpause, interval, or delay.

There are many things in life that we "wait" for 
we wait for the "perfect" spouse
we wait for the right job
we wait for our dream house 
we wait for the vacation to Paris etc
we wait to get pregnant
we wait to finish our degree 
we wait for life to catch up to our dreams. 

It is ok to wait but don't wait while waiting.. go do what you need to do to catch up with your dreams, life still needs to go on. 

Do you want God to bless you with the above mentioned items or any other wish of yours, you need to make sure it is his will for it to happen, if it isn't his will, then guess what, it will not happen. 


  1. Waiting is always hard, but so often it is worth while and if God doesn't want one thing for you He will give you something else, specifically Himself, that is so much better than most things that we are waiting for. Thanks for posting. - Amy

  2. So true! I am very type A personality so it is easy for me to wait on one thing to be complete or done before wanting to move on to another part or something else. But sometimes I get to remind myself I get to take action and move forward while waiting on God's answer for something else.

  3. Yes, waiting is part of God's plan for us. If we never had to wait, we would not learn patience among other important attributes.

  4. Waiting is so hard, but I often find that God is grooming me for what's to come during periods of waiting.

  5. Definitely. Just because we want something so bad we'll wait forever, it doesn't mean it's what God has in store for us.


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