Hey, it's okay

that I am sitting here playing MASH with my daughter and her friend  ( thinking of my childhood)

that I am sitting here thinking about vacation ( 16 days) 

that I am sitting here worrying that my daughter is taking a trip alone with her classmates very soon

that I am thinking about all the reno's that I wanna do on my house 

I will be all day tomorrow doing laundry, not how I want to spend my day 


  1. Sometimes the simple things make the best days. Enjoy your day (even the laundry! :-))

  2. It's okay to enjoy even the simplest things in life...

  3. There is always a lot to think about. Enjoy some peace and quiet--even if it involves laundry!

  4. It's ok to let the laundry pile up sometimes! Although the more I think about laundry piles, the less clothes I think we all need!!


Thanks for the blogging Love

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