How to Stay in Touch with Your Single Gals After You Get Married

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How to Stay in Touch with Your Single Gals After You Get Married

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Getting married or having children can be a super-busy and stressful time of your life, which sometimes makes you neglect other people you hold dear. During that period, your life will change a lot, and you’ll simply stop having time for all those fun things you used to do with your gal pals. Those of them who are not yet married might have different priorities and schedules, so getting together can be a bit difficult. Of course, this doesn’t mean you stopped caring for them and that you don’t appreciate their support. These things happen - it’s completely normal. Well, if you want to reconnect with your single BFFs, here are just some ways you can do that and rekindle your friendship.

Go through old photos/videos of you

Not only can a trip down the memory lane remind you why you are friends, but it can be simply hilarious. Remember that time you went on a joyride and ended up at the beach? Or that time you organized a private fashion show and took crazy photos? There are probably a lot of situations you completely forgot about! You can make fun of each other’s haircuts from high school and think about all the dear people you used to hang out with. This will trigger so many nostalgic emotions and remind you of your long and loyal friendship. You simply can’t throw all of those memories away just because you have different schedules at the moment.

Have a pampering spa day

If you used to have a spa day with your friends, there’s no reason you can’t renew that tradition. No matter how busy all of you are, you should always find some time to relax. You can sweat it out in the sauna or enjoy a relaxing massage. This will definitely bring you closer together.
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Have a night out, just you girls

Bonding over your favorite gin in a pregame session, just like in the old days might just be what you all need. After that you have to go to your favorite bar, if it’s still open, and have a blast. Make sure to make time for just you girls and try not to talk about your marriage and kids too much. It’s not that they don’t want to hear about it or that they aren’t happy for you, but this time try to concentrate on them and their lives. After you get tired of sharing stories, you can let loose on the dance floor and remind everyone how you used to rule the clubs. The next morning might be a little painful (darn you, hangover!) but it’ll all be worth it.
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Have Sex and the City theme night

Woohoo, Sex and the City marathon! If you want to be close like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, the best way to do so is by rewatching every girl’s favorite TV show. Prepare snacks (something healthy and fancy), wine or cocktails, and laugh about your heroines’ adventures. You can also do a Sex and the City quiz. Who got Samantha? Heck, you can even turn it into a sleepover for old times’ sake.
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Go on a weekend trip together

Nothing brings people together like new experiences. You can take a one-day trip to a neighbouring state or a city you’ve never visited. You can also turn it into a long weekend (how does Paris sound to you?) or if you want to share a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, consider Peru or Nepal! All those adventures and misadventures will make your friendship stronger than ever before.
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Take some interesting courses together

If simple chatting over coffee was never your style, you can invite you girlfriends to some fun course. There are amazing deals and discounts out there allowing you to learn something new with your old friends. You can learn how to make sushi or pottery, take a painting class or how to give massages. And the next time you get together, you can talk about those failed vases you made or that gross sushi and share a few laughs.
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Reconnecting and staying in contact with you single friends is pretty easy. All you need is some time and will to get everyone together. Great fun is guaranteed!  

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