5 Things to start saving for once you turn 20 for

5. HOUSE- you really do not want to rent forever, owning is so much more fun, but it is also very expensive. With home ownership comes: property fees,  insurance, you have to furnish it, etc etc.  You really need a good pillow and mattress
4) CAR- you do not want to use public transportation forever... HELLO- it can get super expensive, your car will need gas,  insurance etc. 

3) RETIREMENT- yes start early, you need to. Retirements do not just happen, you need to save for it. 

2) VACATIONS- You will want to take fun vacations especially if all your friends are going on cruises or trips. 

1) EMERGENCIES- it always happens.. your car breaks down, you have a family emergency and you need to get home right away. We started saving what we call an Emergency fund, it was in a bank account that we could not just withdraw without going into the bank, we each had access to it and we kept the other accountable… we had several times when we had to use it, but then you start to build it back up. A good amount to save up is $1000 and you may think that is a lot but if you add to it often, it will be there before you know it. 

Be prepared, save your money.  You never know what the future can hold.  You may think you do not know how to save- get a financial planning book- Dave Ramsey has a great one, check it out. 


  1. Great list! These are all definitely things to save for!

  2. SO important that we first be saving for emergencies!

  3. Oh my gosh. Retirement cannot be stressed enough. You'll think, "I can start that when I'm 30." When you're 30 you'll hate yourself for not starting when you were in your 20's!

  4. Next on my list: retirement! I know how necessary it is.. now I just need to get in into the budget :) thanks for the reminder

  5. I have a few of those already completed and definitely agree that starting to save when you turn twenty would certainly be beneficial in the long run!

  6. I agree 100%. I have been saving for my retirement for years now. What i cant seem to do is save for emergencies. I think i should start now!


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