Making your house a home

Everyone wants to be a home owner, I purchased my first home nearly a year ago ( how time flies)… once you have purchased then you have to move in and make your house a home.
Floors: This may seem like an unexpected place to start, but I find that one of the things that unites homes everywhere is an attention to what happens under your feet

 Lighting: Having primarily lived in rented spaces for the past years of my life, I feel like lighting has represented a huge part of my design focus. While it sometimes requires a professional (I rarely try electrical work on my own, though I know many people feel comfortable with DIY lamp wiring) to complete the project, changing out the pre-existing lighting in any space will immediately make a room feel homier for a few reasons: it allows you to add a personal touch (like a favorite family lamp from home or something you made from found materials and a lamp kit) and it allows you to determine where and how light works in your room

Storage: One of the biggest lessons I learned about a house feeling like a home has to do with functionality. So many design decisions are based on aesthetics, but it’s hard to get around to decisions that are based on style before you deal with all the basic necessities of storage.

Furniture: You do not have to go broke and take out a second mortgage just for furniture, if you shop around you can get some gorgeous stuff and for great deals.  
 Artwork: Artwork is too often written off as being elitist, expensive and frivolous. But from the earliest days, people have decorated their homes with all sorts of things that mean something to them. From found objects in nature (like collections of shells and pinecones) and family weavings to photographs of your loved ones, Another great feature we love to have in our home is electronic frames ? It makes a great addition to any small space because you can show off a lot of photos without taking up a lot of valuable wall or table space! sculptures and paintings, art can be anything and everything you want it to be. 

Customized Details (Hardware): There are many cases in life when the existing hardware on something is totally fine. But then there are those moments where the little details something comes with are as generic artwork you often see in hotels and conference centers. Mass-produced and without any relationship to the piece itself, these are areas that are just asking to be changed and customized in a way that makes the object itself feel more personal and at home in your space. 
You would be surprised how some little things that make your house a home 
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  1. For us, it was definitely the lighting... and all the door knobs. They were original ones: cheap brass-coloured ones that we like to call the "Builder's Special". Since we went brushed nickel on the lighting fixtures, we had to match the doors.

    Love your idea for the electronic frames. We like to keep it fresh with a new image every once in a while.

  2. I am a lighting nerd. I am currently renting but I have an incredibly beautiful Italian hanging light that I am waiting to put in a home, whenever I settle down to one place again.

  3. Great tips! My husband showed me the importance of great lighting. It has really helped in making our house a home!!

  4. Because of my allergies, I have to try and make sure my home is clutter-free - and streamlined - and beautiful too

  5. From lighting to the way you decorate every detail of your home, if you are thinking through your living space, you will enjoy your home so much more!

  6. I find that lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a house your home. It's easy to change, not overly expensive (comparing to putting new floors) and it can add an amazing ambiance...

  7. I love the idea of using electronic frames! I feel like I get stuck because I can't choose one picture, so I never change them. That is a great tip!

  8. This is great advice for those like myself who are getting married shortly and hoping to be homeowners in the next couple of years. I've started to collect a few items (things that belonged to my grandparents and whatnot) that I want to have in our new home to make it feel like a home.


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