5 Tips To Save Money In College

My daughter graduated last June and her graduation was a day I will never forget, to see her walking across the stage with her graduation stole after 12 years of school, and making the honor roll all throughout, made me so happy for her.  It’s no secret that going to college can be expensive. It's definitely one of the biggest finances we'll spend in our lifetime. Looking back, there are always going to be choices we made financially to help us out once we graduate. With a new semester starting soon, and many high school seniors deciding which college to go to, now’s a great time for five money saving tips that’ll help you in your college career!

1. Rent Textbooks
Textbooks aren’t cheap and sometimes the price tag is shocking. Before hitting the campus store, check online for used or rental options. In some cases, finding a used book can cut down the price by a third, so you don’t go broke. Here’s a site that’ll help you compare textbook prices across the entire web. It’s not necessary to purchase new textbooks when you can find cheaper alternatives. If money is really tight, you can try to share or borrow from a fellow student or even check your library if your professor puts one on reserve, you can also get a science tutor

2.  Get an on-campus job
If you’re a student needing or wanting some extra cash, getting an on-campus job is the perfect way to do so! Most of the time you’re awarded a specific amount of work study, so take advantage of it! If you need help getting started with a work-study, stop by your school’s Student Employment Office and ask questions! Whether it’s working in a cafe or the school bookstore, or as a Private tutor
here to sign up)the extra pocket money you make will be really nice. Although it may be tempting to go out on the weekends or take a nap in-between classes, it’s worth working as many hours as your schedule allows each week.

3. Buy in bulk

When grocery shopping or buying snacks, it’s a great idea to buy some things in bulk! Get a membership (or ask your parents/friends) to any wholesale store where you can stock up on non-perishable items and toiletries in bulk. Buying in bulk also prevents you from needlessly spending money on fast food! So stock up your fridge instead of buying from overpriced convenience stores on-campus or using vending machines! You’d be surprised how much you can save by cooking your own meals on a daily basis.
4. Get ahead of your loans
Many students don’t know that you can start paying off your student loans while still in college. Instead of pushing that debt to the side, start to slowly pay it off, no matter what you can afford. Even if you just start paying off the interest while you’re in school, you’ll be happy you didn’t let those loans sit there. After you graduate, one of the best ways to cut down your loans is to look for a company that refinance student loans for a better interest rate, as this will reduce your monthly repayments. Earnest is a great option when it comes to saving students money. 

5. Live off-campus
Did you know you can save thousands of dollars by living off-campus? The average cost for room and board in 2016-2017 was more than $10,000! I understand that part of the college experience is living with roommates, but you can still do that without having to live in a dorm. Even with the price of utilities, you’ll save a good chunk of money by living in an apartment without a meal plan. You can also cut more costs by not using cable and opt for an online streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, where you can find thousands of shows to watch! Overall, you’ll love the freedom of living off-campus where you live by your own rules while saving big bucks!

It’s important to maintain control over your finances while attending college. Break the stereotype of being a broke college student and find any way you can to save money in school. You don’t want to always have to call your parents when you’ve run out of money, so make sure you create a plan before your bank account is in trouble!

Once you are out of college , you should try to refinance your student loans for a cheaper interest rate, here is a great article I found that can tell you just how to do that. 

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