Christmas 2019

I feel like our Christmas started back on November 23 and it only stopped last night. 
Nov 23rd we had an international potluck here at our house so my tree went up early so it could be decorated for that, 

Then we had hubby's work party an hour away, I always love spending time with his co workers... the food is so good and the friendship and laughter is the best. 

We had a Christmas banquet, Christmas program at church and it was a great time, very low stress as we had a restaurant cater it this year, we had a great turn out. 

We had Christmas with friends after the banquet in which we got spoiled again.

My in laws came on Dec 23 and left on Dec 27. 
Christmas Eve we went out for Chinese food and then went to look at Christmas lights. 

Santa treated us all well.. I got a new kitchen aid, clothes, blankets, gift cards, planners, books, a world globe ( because I collect them).  

Our last Christmas event was last night when we had Christmas with Kim and Moses. 
To be honest I struggled a lot this Christmas with not being home with my family or having them here but hopefully next year we can all be together. 

Work has been very busy, but I am ready to get back now and get Christmas all taken down and life to get back to normal. 

How was your Christmas? 

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