Review of the last decade

I can barely remember where I was 10 years ago...
Things I do know.

I was married to the same man I am married to now
I had a 6 year old -eekkkk
I was working at a job that I planned to retire at, then we got a job transfer

We moved to Fredericton NB... left everything we knew and owned behind and started over... since being here we have purchased a home, I love my job, hubby is still at his job 12 years later...

A whole New Year! A whole New Decade.

Some memories from 2019
2019 started with our family trip to Colorado...

Visited Minnesota to see Andrews family

We bought our new car.

I started job hunting as I was not happy in the job I was in..

We celebrated 17 years of marriage with a over night getaway.

My mom came to visit in June.

Brooke got the leadership award at school.

June 18 I got my new job and every day I look forward to going to work.
Brooke turned 16 in July( at the beginning of this decade she was 6) whoah and tonight she is out babysitting over night...
Brooke went to St Louis for NAYC.

Andrew and I went to the beach for a couple of days..

Applied to accounting at UNB and got accepted.
Sept Brooke went to grade 11
Oct I turned 37

2019 is over, we cannot redo it but 2020 is your chance. You have 365 days of a open book, new opportunities. Find someone to be a friend to, find someone who has no family and be that for them.  Travel the world, find your dream job, find a church and make it your family.  You are the only one who can make this great for you.

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