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Chronic illness is no easy thing to deal with and to a certain extent the world still attaches a stigma to chronic illness but there a multitude of issues that affect people, from chronic physical ailments to mental issues, it isn’t easy trying to juggle and balance your work life, if you are able to work, and your social life. There are ways and alternate methods to try and implement into your routine but any of the below should be passed through your general practitioner first before you make any decisions, dependent upon your personal case.

Looking into new ways to keep healthy is so important for those suffering with chronic illness, but what exactly are these weird and wonderful ways. There is no quick fix but if you have the means to do so you could look at different types of physical exercise and supplements to your diet that could really help. 
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Yoga & Pilates 

Yoga and Pilates have been around for years; their benefits are huge. They can be particularly physically demanding but they don’t have to be. Yoga especially is renowned for being incredibly good for the mind, it helps shape and develop your thinking patterns you focus and your strength. It’s can be an important aspect of your life if you are wanting to become strong and feel physically disciplined. Pilates is a little less demanding but works mostly on the core and back; it’s wonderful for postural issues and works on strengthening stomach muscles. If your doctors say it is OK, it can be very good for easing chronic pain of the back and shoulders and there are beginners classes which are not taxing on the body. 

Taking Supplements & Other Methods

You should really seek advice on what supplements are best for your particular needs but rest assured there will be something that you can add to your diet. There is no denying that supplementing your diet has its benefits, it can be good for the body and mind as long as you are maintaining a solid, healthy diet, these can be worked in really easily and effortlessly. Another form of long term pain relief may be Cannabis oil. There are many ways to take Cannabis and the oil is available in many places, you could look at a Los Angeles Dispensary but be sure to research that it is right for you. You may want to start adopting a diet that is rich in alkaline foods. This has been an interesting concept that has recently come to light but it is believed that foods with an acidic value can cause havoc on your body if ingested frequently. Alkaline foods, such as spinach, greens, nuts, grains, can have a positive impact on your body, especially the digestive system and is proven to bring a little more calm to the systems of your body.

Taking little steps does not have to be difficult. Talk to those around you and express your concerns and also your excitement for trying new things; have a healthier and happier New Year. 

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