Be Kind

Since the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the other passengers I have been doing some thinking just how short life is.

When his wife wok that morning she did not think she would be planning 2 funerals before the day ended, her life was turned up side in a moment and will never ever be the same, those girls will be without their daddy and the new baby will never know her daddy.

Just today, I was talking to a co worker about this, her husband died suddenly 18 months ago, she said it is sad how it takes tragedy to change a person, to make them a different person, a kind person, a person who don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.. a person who cares how others are feeling and giving someone a hug to make their day better, buy that homeless person a coffee, smile at someone.

10 years ago when the doctor looked at me and said I have a disease that has no cure, i changed, I became a different person, not because I had to but I realized how short life is, life can change for anyone in any moment. 

So the next time you get worked up about someone driving slow in traffic, or a problem at work or anything… just think… ‘this is a great day to smile and be kind’, find something good to do for someone, your outlook will change and the day gets brighter.

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