Beauty Hacks for Busy Women

A lot of you ladies out there live very busy lives and barely have time to look in the mirror, let alone have a well regiment beauty regime. However, for your own sake, you need to find a little time to look after you. Over time, self-neglect can make you feel down and depressed. It is not a good life strategy to constantly put yourself last, even if you have children with pressing wants and needs. You don't need long, just a few minutes a day to concentrate on you, to daydream a little, and make yourself look and feel better.

Drink more water
This is a very easy one to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. There are a lot of health benefits of drinking more water. It can help you lose weight and clear up your skin. It is a natural detoxifier so it will flush out some of those poisonous toxins, making you feel better. Water can give you more energy too. 

If you have put exercise off for a long time, this one may seem a little daunting. The truth is there are so many ways exercise can help you. First of all, it will help you lose weight. It will make you less stressed by reducing cortisol, the body's stress hormone. It will give you more energy, and it is good for your skin as blood will rush to the surface and take away any toxins. You don’t have to start with a marathon, just walk more. Perhaps walks the kids to school, or walk to work, or go for an evening stroll. You will build yourself up to more vigorous exercise in the future.  

Beauty treatments
Why not book yourself in to have that beauty treatment you always wanted? A facial down at the spa, or teeth whitening. If you book yourself, someone, for you, you will feel better and have something positive to look forward to. It may seem a little indulgent, but you work hard so why not treat yourself every so often.  

What is your skin type? Many women buy the wrong kind of moisturizer for their skin, so ensure you have one for an oily complexion if that is what you have. PearlCBD has a great range of moisturizers. Always ensure that the moisturizer is in date too, as anything out of date will not be hydrating your skin, you may as well have nothing on.   

Eat more fruit and vegetables
You are what you eat, so greasy food will mean greasy skin. Fruit and vegetables are jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals that will look after your skin as well as doing wonders for the rest of your body. They flush out toxins and help the metabolize food. They are also important as a defence against contracting illnesses and disease. A healthy body will give you that healthy glow. There are so many benefits to eating healthier. So, swap those crisps and chocolate bars to apples and bananas. You will lose weight and feel more energized. 

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