6 Genius Cooking Tricks To Steal From Pros

Cooking is an art, and unless you treat it like that, it will be hard to expect to make something
delicious that will look amazing and taste heavenly. However, instead of regretting never
grabbing the recipe book and whipping up something tasty, you should go into your kitchen and
cook, but not before you read up on what professionals have to say on helping you out.

Stick to the book or listen to others?
Generally, it is always to stick with the written-down recipe, as you can never go wrong with it,
but, you should also try to make it unique and add a bit of homemade magic into it. On the other
hand, until you get well-versed, it is best to listen to what famous chefs have to say. Of course,
you should not take it for granted it, and you should always try to experiment to make something
truly amazing and to play with your taste buds.

If possible, try to use fresh ingredients whenever you can

As you might have heard from famous chefs like Jamie Oliver, it is best to buy fresh ingredients
whenever you want to prepare a new meal. Going to the market for a quick shop-stop is great
not only to stock up with things you might need to cook, but you will be able to come up with
more interesting ideas along the way. Furthermore, this will be a good chance to surprise
yourself and buy some extra ingredients which could make your next meal taste heavenly.

Find healthy substitutes to avoid unhealthy eating
Even though we are already accustomed to cooking a certain way, it does not have to mean
that it is good for everyone. And, as Ellie Krieger has stated, it is better to swap nonfat yogurt for
sour cream. Not only will you cut down on fat intake, but you will also enrich your meals with
necessary minerals, making your cooking that much healthier and enjoyable. However, be sure
to test if sour cream sits right with you before you decide to make the change.

Feel free to experiment and try new things

Some people prefer to eat some types of food while others live to experiment and try interesting
new stuff. So, if you feel that food in your area or culture is bland or uninspiring, you can always
check out authentic Chinese dishes list and find something interesting new to try. From
Cantonese to Sichuan and much more, China offers many delicious meals that will satisfy even
the pickiest eaters. When it comes to cooking, it’s important to say that having a wok and stir-fry
pan will definitely make things much easier. In general, experimenting with various international
cuisines can only improve your cooking skills while teaching you interesting new facts about
eating cultures from all over the world.

Use quality pots and skillets
No chef would dare to use cookware if it is less than perfect as it can greatly influence the taste
you are going for. Furthermore, using pots and skillets can help you properly maintain the
cooking process so that you can really make a masterpiece every time you cook. You don’t
need to spend a fortune of high-end pots and pans, but reading the reviews online and taking
recommendations from trusted people will surely help you make the best choice.

Always clean up after cooking

Although it is not necessary to clean when you are cooking, as it will not influence the end
results, it is a practice you should take seriously nevertheless. Not only will you be done with
overall cooking faster, but you will have a clean kitchen waiting for your next culinary
experience. And on the bright side, you will feel great when you finish up, and you can really
enjoy your meal.
Learning from others is key to making your cooking even better, and if you manage to mix in
some ingredients which you see fit, you can even make the meal tastier and better. Keep in
mind that you should not follow recipe books strictly and that you should go by your nose
mostly. But, most importantly, without good and reliable cookware it is going to be extremely
hard to cook a meal that will be a masterpiece in all of its forms.

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