Gardening Must-Dos For Green-Fingered Newbies

Getting your garden fit for the summer months can seem like a challenge, especially if there are Triffid-like plants taking over your little patch of land. If you don’t have any horticultural knowledge at all, you might not know how to get a wonderful blooming garden all year round. The concept of weeding and deadheading may be alien to you. To tackle your back garden, you need to consider how you want to use your outside space. Think about whether you want an area for al fresco dining or whether you want space for your kids to play. You may find that you need a garden to fulfill many different purposes. Take a look at these garden must-dos for green-fingered newbies.


If you have a dream of a colorful and flowering garden, you need to think about how best to create this without borders full of high maintenance plants. If you don’t know how to care for your foliage, it’s vital that you take the easy option, at least initially. Think about those plants that need very little care, such as bulbing flowers, like tulips and daffodils. These can create colorful little havens of yellow and red in the springtime. For summer planting, consider shrubs that flower and require very little human intervention. Magnolias, clematis and acers can come in a range of different colors and look glorious when seen together in a garden. Go for some variety and think about hitting all the senses. Scented heathers and lavenders are perfect for walkways and borders.


If you are after a sculptural design with artificial lawn, raised beds and patios, you may want to consider a professional landscaping company to do all of the hard work. They will sit down with you to discover your ideas for your garden, before they put this into practice. They will work on time and budget to create your dream outside space. They can take care of every aspect of the design from sourcing tradespeople and materials to putting the finishing touches into your planting.

If you want to go it alone, ensure that you don’t go for something too adventurous as it can end up looking messy and the finish won’t be up to scratch. Use high quality materials and go for a look that suits your family’s wants and needs.


The most exciting part of summer is dining outside. Lighting the barbecue and getting pals around for a feast and a catch up can be fun. Think about the garden furniture you have, make your seating area sociable, and have an awning should the clouds break. It can be atmospheric sitting in the garden covered up while it is raining. Add some subtle lighting to create different moods and to light up some key plants in your garden. Making your outside space an extension to your home gives you another room come the summer months.

Follow this guide and discover how even the most green-fingered gardener can have their dream outside space.

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