What Really Makes A Home Dirty?

 To keep your home perfect over the years you spend in it, and make sure you’re always feeling cozy when you live in it, you know what you’ve got to do? You’ve got to keep things clean and tidy! After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness, and knowing how to keep your environment organized will ensure both your mental and physical health will be too. Not to mention the good example it sets for the kids! 

But what makes a home dirty, really? What do you need to keep an eye on, to ensure your house has clean air, clean walls, and clean floors? Well, we’ve got some ideas for you to keep in mind about those day to day chores you do below - 

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The Tops and Bottoms of Your Walls

Have you ever looked up when cleaning? It’s not a trick question; of course, you’ve dusted cabinets above your head height and you’ve dusted the top shelf of the bookcase in the living room, but have you ever dusted all the way up the wall? Because a lot of dirt and dust (and cobwebs!) can collect there. 

Similarly, have you ever cleaned the base or skirting boards around the bottom of your walls? They’ll definitely get scummy and marked over the years, and every 5 years or so are going to require a fresh coat of paint. Make sure you have a can of gloss on hand to complete a job like this easily, as it’ll really tidy up the corners of your rooms and make your house seem to shine! 

Check on Your AC

Not only is cleaning your AC a big part of keeping your home tidy, but it’s crucial regular maintenance that’ll keep your house breathing right! And your AC can pick up a lot of dirt and debris, especially in its filters, if you don’t clean it out and/or replace those filters once a year at least. 

Don’t worry; if you find anything horrible in your AC ducts that you just don’t want to deal with, you can get in touch with websites like https://www.ductz.com/raleigh-nc/ to sort the problem for you. Sometimes cleaning a HVAC system, after years of letting it sit, is far too big a job for one person to take on. 

In Between Your Tiles

Have you ever noticed the grease stains in the caulk of your backsplash? Or maybe you’ve noticed the caulk around your bathroom tiles getting darker and a bit black? If so, it’s a good sign you’ve got some mold forming in your home, in high traffic, damp areas, and that’s never good! Be sure to use a mold and grease remover on these stains, and then be sure to re-caulk the rooms for a better, cleaner look. Try to better ventilate the areas in future as well. 

Look Over the Window Panes

The frames your windows sit in can get real grubby over the years, and you’ll want to make sure you clean them up at least twice a year. When you do so, you’ll be able to keep your windows in better condition for much longer, rather than allow condensation to set in, and mold/rot to start growing. This is especially a problem for the exterior of your home, and can really ruin the homely and comfortable look you’re going for. 

Indeed, a rotten and/or dirty window pane can even tank the value of your home, as you have little to no curb appeal to work with. If you’re thinking of selling up in the near future, this is definitely a problem area you’ll want to target. 

A General Lack of Cohesion

When you put things on shelves, do you care about the way they’re organised or ordered? Because if not, your home could be suffering from a general lack of cohesion. Things look cluttered and don’t seem to flow, and that can really ruin the coziness of your home, especially when you bring guests over. 

Because you’ve gotten used to the look, and you don’t quite notice the flaws anymore, but take a minute and just look around you. What doesn’t seem to fit? What would look better if it was alphabetised, or color coded? Make those changes and then take another look; does your home seem more put together? 

Your home is getting dirty without you noticing! These areas are the worst offenders, and need your attention urgently; it’s time to take action. 

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