Hidden Risks of Smoking You Might Not Know About

It’s well-known that smoking causes lung cancer and heart issues, but it really affects every

organ in and on the body. While most non-smoking campaigns highlight tobacco’s effect on the

lungs and heart, there are many more issues that can arise from this habit, many of them

hidden and unknown to the general population. So if you need an extra push towards becoming

a non-smoker, here are some less obvious risk of smoking to keep in mind: 

Smoking makes you look older

Aging is a process that can’t be stopped—it’s natural and we all do it. However, while you will

most certainly get some lines on your face with age, smokers’ skin shows more signs of

aging earlier in life. According to studies, people who had a smoking habit and a sun-tanning

habit ended up with a leathery face earlier. Heavy smokers with 35 years of tobacco use under

their belt who also spend a lot of time in the sun are 11 times more likely to exhibit heavy

wrinkles than those who don’t smoke. Signs of aging increase even in spots that are not

exposed to the sun, which states that smoking is the biggest predictor of how much aging

happens on the skin and how soon in life.

Smoking damages your eyes

Smoking also increases your risk of getting a cataract or cloudiness of the eyeball lens. Some

research states that smokers have two times the risk of getting a cataract when compared to

non-smokers, with the risk tripling in heavy smokers (15 or more cigarette per day).

Additionally, tobacco use can also boost your chances of developing macular degeneration of

the eye (loss of the ability to see right in front of you). However, if you quit smoking, the risks

will decrease and you can retain your healthy eyesight.

Smoking affects your digestive system

While it’s known that smoking increases the risk of developing mouth, throat, esophagus and

larynx cancer, it also results in higher rates of pancreatic cancer. Smoking also affects the

body’s ability to generate insulin so smokers have a higher risk of developing insulin resistance

which puts you at risk of type 2 diabetes and all its many complications. It’s very hard to quit

this addictive habit, but  Innokin tobacco replacements  will make it easier to give up tobacco.

With the same mouth-to-lung feel these products provide, you can switch to vaping and reduce

your smoking habit.

It causes issues with your spine

Smoking also affects your spine in many ways. For instance, smoker’s cough can keep you up at

night, but also cause subluxations in the cervical spine due to cough straining. Additionally,

nicotine restricts the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the spine discs, so your spine can be more

prone to premature degeneration and injury. Lastly, smoking slows down the body’s natural

ability to absorb calcium, so smokers have an increased risk of developing osteoporosis and


It affects your healing process

No matter if wounds or fractures, smokers are slow to heal due to decreased oxygen levels and

reduced collagen production. The inability to heal fast causes prolonged pain and healing

complications like inflammations.

Smoking can affect your sex life

One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is smoking. This habit affects blood vessels,

including those in private parts, so it alters the blood flow required for holding an erection.

According to research, smokers have a 50% more chance to suffer from reduced performance

in bed than nonsmokers.

However, it’s not all so bleak! Quitting tobacco will put you on the path to improved health

instantly. And with many cigarette replacements, resources and medications on the market,

you will be able to ditch your habit once and for all.

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