How To get back into a healthy positive mindset

 Many of us struggle to be positive. Perhaps we have been through a bad time in our lives and we feel let down. Maybe we are recovering from a type of addiction and have just left a rehab center. Maybe we are concerned that we won’t ever get our careers back on track after a spell of depression. It is time to turn all that around. It is known that positive thinking has a positive effect on all areas of your life:

  • Your health,

  • Your mental well-being,

  • Your mental abilities and on your perception,

  • Your professional and financial successes and

  • Your interpersonal relationships.

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Mental well-being

The mental well-being of positively-thinking people is mostly good. They know consciously or unconsciously that they feel like they think and that they determine how they think. They also sometimes feel uncomfortable, are anxious or depressed. But this malaise does not last very long. They are doing something to make them feel better quickly. They regard defeats or failures as something temporary, as a short-term setback and feel even more incited by them to achieve their goal.

The positive basic mood of positively thinking people causes their sensory organs to function better. Thus, it has been found that positive attitudes and thus balanced people have a better memory, are more creative and imaginative, see and hear better.

Physical well-being

Positive-minded people usually enjoy very good physical health, as mental and physical well-being are closely linked. A positive attitude to life acts like an elixir of life on our internal organs. Optimists stay young and healthy longer. They are convinced that they have their well-being in their own hands, and that makes them strong. Therefore, a positive basic mood is also an important ingredient for health care. Numerous studies show that our defenses are strengthened by a hopeful and optimistic attitude. If we are in mental harmony, then our body is also in harmony, and that is the best protection against diseases. Research shows that people with an optimistic attitude to life are healthier than pessimistic people. When optimists get sick, they focus all their energy on getting well by mobilizing their inner self-healing powers through positive ideas and self-talks. Diseases are a warning signal for them that they need to make changes, in all aspects of their life. It is something many of us can practice.

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Professional and financial benefits

Professionally and financially, positive thinkers are usually very successful. Where others see problems, they see an opportunity. They do not regard problems as an annoying evil, but as a challenge to reach their destination anyway. Due to their optimistic attitude - also towards themselves and their abilities - they dare to do a lot, believe in themselves and their success and can thus fully develop their abilities. They are self-can-thinkers and first approach one thing impartially and expect to succeed until they have thoroughly convinced themselves otherwise. They are not so easily influenced by failures. So they see failures as valuable experiences that bring them a little closer to their goal. They rarely go on well-trodden paths, but look for new paths that no one has ever walked before them. Professional athletes for example, are capable of higher sporting performance if they are optimistic about their performance.

Interpersonal relationships

Positive thinking people do not regard their fellow human beings as enemies. As long as they have not been disappointed by a person, they continue neutrally, without thinking bad about them. Most people are inherently good, afterall.  If they are disappointed by a person, they cannot be deceived, but still stick to their positive basic attitude towards their fellow human beings. In general, optimistic people rarely have bad experiences with other people, as they attract like-minded people through their friendly and open nature and they usually stay away from pessimistic people.

What do you think of these advantages of positive thinking? Do you think they are achievable for you? The longer you are there, the more you practice positive thinking and act on it, the more you will also enjoy this positive way of life. But it doesn’t just happen overnight. These tactics take months if not years sometimes. It is about learning to let go of your worries about others and focus mostly on yourself. It is about thinking only in the current moment and not thinking ahead - almost at all. Moment to moment mindfulness will help you sleep better, but it is not going to be easy. Just realize that no matter how much worrying you do about a situation or thinking, it will not change the outcome. This is where you can learn to let go a little. 

Professional and financial disadvantages

Professionally and financially, pessimists are usually not very successful. Since they sense problems everywhere and expect a bad outcome even in favorable conditions, they not only let many opportunities pass by unused, they attract misfortune in a way. Pessimists have much fewer chances than optimists when applying for a job. As employees, they are not very popular because they are very destructive and develop little initiative. They have no confidence in their abilities, they shirk responsibility and remain rather passive. Even if pessimists are very talented and capable, they cannot develop their abilities due to their pessimistic way of thinking and therefore often fail. They are very quickly discouraged by failures and believe that it will never happen for them. Pessimistic people can't concentrate on a task because they are far too busy imagining what can go wrong. They have problems remembering something and are not very creative. Does it sound familiar?

Many people who are negative thinking are suspicious and always make sure that others want to trick or betray them. As a result, they are not very popular with others and may struggle to keep friends. It will be a nerve ending battle if you don't change your mindset. Exercise, meditate, listen to positive podcasts, change your friends, and focus on your goals. This is what will greatly assist you going forward.

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