19th Birthday

To my dear daughter, nineteen years have passed from the day I first held you in my arms. It’s been an exhilarating journey being your mom. No, it hasn’t been all bliss and lollypops and gum drops, you and I both know this.  There were many tears from both of us but time goes fast- first day of Kindergarten to first day of high school, graduation, drivers license, first job, first day of University. Now, 19. 

You taught me how to be a mom.

You taught me how to love unconditionally. You taught me how to embrace life. You taught me how to have confidence.

Yes, I know, it’s a mom’s job to teach her children, but on this mother-daughter-deal I think I learned more from you.

When you were born, I was in no way ready to be the mom that I needed to be. I was still growing-up myself. You got the brunt of all my first-time mom mistakes. Like… the time I thought you were dying because your temperature reached 105 degrees, only to hear your dad say, “Did you shake the thermometer to clear it before you took her temperature?” I was on the phone with the doctor at the time and quickly said, “Oh never mind. I did it wrong.” many wrong things but here we are. 

I did it wrong.

“I did it wrong,” that was my theme verse while raising you.

I watched you grow into a capable woman of God, beautiful inside and out. Such talent and grace, with wisdom way beyond your years. Watching you lead worship in church and small group makes me so happy. 

I got to watch you surrender your life to Jesus Christ. I Someday I will get to watch you walk down an isle and into the hand of a man I respect and love, knowing you would always be loved and well cared for. You chose well. 

Yes, today, you are a wonderful daughter. You are everything that I had wished I could be while I was raising you. Everything I was striving to be. All of my striving is being realized in watching you, and I am so very proud. It makes it worth all the pain and insecurity, all the sleepless nights, all the fears and blunders.

One of the greatest joys of motherhood is watching your kids do stuff (dealing with disappointment, overcoming, soaring) better than you. The joys of motherhood are realized in having a daughter such as you. Brooke happy birthday, my dear daughter, thank you for making my world brighter than I ever thought possible.

I love you now and forever… Mom

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