Why Cooking Well Is Often Easier Than You'd Think'

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It can feel daunting for young people to learn how to cook for the first time. This may be especially true if you have certain disabilities or limitations that had precluded your ability to work the equipment, or perhaps you haven’t been able to afford quality ingredients up until now.

Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t chastise yourself for having trouble or hesitancy in learning how to cook properly. Now you’ve decided to, that’s all that matters. From here, cooking is a practice that you have to learn and that does take time to master, but getting to grips with the basics is easier than you’d imagine.

So if you’re a little worried about leaving home for the first time, or you’re headed off into your student campus, or perhaps you simply wish to eat a little healthier, it’s important to know that cooking is often easier than you’d think.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few methods for achieving the best outcome possible:

Curate A Worthwhile Shopping List

It’s good to curate a shopping list that remains formatted along with your planned meals for the week. This can mean deciding which meats you’re going to keep refrigerated and which packages you might freeze, which vegetables to purchase now or later, and what essentials you need.

While you may not wish to implement more stringent meal planning, having a basic plan like this can keep your spending limited. It will also help you source worthwhile ingredients of high quality; such as meats sourced from local butchers; organic produce where appropriate, and certain styles of food such as whole fish or fillets. 

When you can get to grips with shopping for ingredients more comfortably, even to the point where conversing with fishmongers, butchers, or the delicatessen at the supermarket, you’ll have achieved 50% of what it is that makes a worthwhile home cook. Keeping up an updated inventory of the goods you have to work with can also help you avoid waiting until certain produce expires before you get the chance to eat it.

This process will also help you plan your cooking methods. For instance; marinating butterfly-cut chicken breasts in a lemon and lime marinade will be easier if you buy that produce together and consider when you’ll be preparing this meal.

Consider this provisional and healthy shopping list to know where to get started.

Balance Your Meals Well

A careful balance of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and vegetables (these provide plenty of nutrients including fibres, leafy greens are best here), can make a big difference.

Ultimately, you don’t have to craft the most complex recipes or the most visually appealing meals as a home cook, because if you get this blend right between each meal, you’re going to be eating well. For instance, an evening meal as simple as shredded chicken with spices and a sauce you enjoy, brown rice, and some seasoned, steamed broccoli is a nice meal to have for dinner, healthy too, packed with flavor, and presenting everything you need to eat at that time of day. 

While this may not seem like a curated ‘recipe’ like a casserole, for example, cooking with food groups like this way is a healthy means of getting started in the kitchen. This is especially the case if planning renewed eating habits, such as when hoping to bulk up or lose weight.

Learn Basic Cooking Techniques

You don’t have to sous vide or dry age foods in order to cook well in the kitchen. Basic cooking techniques often reign over all.

For instance, placing your bacon in oven cooking recipes can help you enjoy crisp, tasty, utterly crispy garnishes to a lovely salad, or make a great breakfast sandwich. Steaming broccoli or other vegetables can help them unlock their taste. Placing some asparagus in a dish with some salt, pepper and olive oil and letting it roast will taste beautiful.

Experiment with these cooking techniques, and see just how easy it is to unlock great flavor. As any highly skilled chef learns at the finality of their career - it was often the simple techniques that were best.

Follow A Worthwhile Recipe Book

A simple recipe book or online blogging cook can be a beautiful means of adding some value to your day to day cooking approach.

Try to opt for instructional guides such as one-pot cooking to help you better cook stews and other recipes. It will make a major difference as to how capable and confident you are in the kitchen.

With this advice, you’re certain to see how cooking well is often much easier than you’d think.

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