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Having a break-in at your home is a scary experience. Discovering someone has been looking through your possessions while you are out is a horrible thought. Unfortunately, research shows that 2.5 million break-ins happen in the United States each year. This figure averages one break-in every 26 seconds and shows that break-ins are a common occurrence. 

Having intruders at your property is upsetting, but you can make changes to prevent this from happening. The good news is many home improvements can increase the security of your property. If you plan to improve your home, selecting some of these changes is a great way to increase your security. Take a look at the following home improvements that can protect your home from break-ins:

Install New Windows

Unfortunately, windows are a common way for burglars to access homes. First-floor windows are an especially easy way for intruders to get into a property by smashing the glass. So making sure your windows are as secure as possible is a must. Changing your windows and opting for impact windows and doors provides extra protection. These windows and doors are resistant to storm damage and practically unbreakable, making them almost impossible for intruders to enter. So, upgrading your windows should help provide you with the reassurance of added protection.

Make Your Home Smart

Smart gadgets are so popular right now and enhance daily life in so many ways. One really helpful use for smart technology is home security. Transforming your property into a smart home will provide an extra layer of protection and put you in charge of protecting your property. A smart security system featuring a video doorbell and security cameras will help you to keep a watchful eye on your home. Choosing a smart doorbell that enables you to communicate with the person at the door is especially helpful. Knowing they have been seen is an excellent deterrent to keep a would-be intruder away.

Even when away from home, you will be able to keep a close watch on your property with the help of your smart system. You can also use your smart home technology to perform extra security measures. Being able to control your lights while you are away from home is another way to help increase your home security. Controlling your lights from afar will enable you to make it look like you are at home. This will provide a deterrent that keeps potential intruders away from your property. 

Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion-activated lighting is a simple but effective way to protect your home. Opportunist thieves are far less likely to strike if your property is illuminated. Having outside lighting that is triggered by movement will ensure that anyone that enters your yard will find it challenging to stay undetected. When installing your exterior lighting, it is best to ensure you position the light correctly so it will detect motion easily. You may find installing more than one security light beneficial, especially if your home has a large outside area.

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