Heading back to work after children

For millions of people, they seem to manage to head back to the office with no problem; for others, it takes longer and feels like a bigger adjustment. Whatever the reason for going back, whether it be because finances dictate you need to or you want to do something outside of the home, it doesn’t really matter. 

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There is a transitional period there, and it can feel exhausting, emotional, and tough! 

Here are some tips that can help you make it feel a little easier - even on the hardest days. 

Take It Easy

The first few days of being back, you’re going to have the demands of parenting, with work thrown on top and some mixed emotions in there too. It is a lot, and while having high hopes and aspirations for yourself is important - take it easy on yourself. 

Feeling like you’re not coping or that it is going to be too much happens a lot in the early days. Try to keep in mind that it is an adjustment, and don’t be hard on yourself. 

Trustworthy Care

They say it takes a village, and some of those villagers will be paid helpers. Having family support is great, but having outside reliable care options which are easy to book and pay for, like care.com offers, can be invaluable (they also do pets, too!). 

Having people you trust can help you keep your mind on work when you are away and know your babies or baby are all taken care of to the highest standard. 


Those who are lucky and have a boss and an HR department can speak to and explain that sometimes you need to make your family a priority. For example, perhaps you won’t be able to travel anymore, or you might not be willing to take on large projects that will cut into weekends. You can still be committed to work when you are there without taking on too much extra responsibility. 

This type of communication means you are being realistic about what you can and can’t do within your role. You can discuss what is completely critical in the role and what is outside of the role that you don’t need to take on board. 

Time For Family

Outside of work, or when you close the laptop in the evening, even if something happens at work that seems to be stuck in your mind, it is time to be with your family. It can be tough in the digital age with everyone being on tablets and phones - spending time together can often mean everyone is looking at a screen. 

So try to break out of that habit a little and be very deliberate with how you spend your time. 

And while you are there, you can still impart all of the rules and things that you find important in raising your children, and here are some quick tips to help you plan your time together: 10 Tips For Raising Healthy Children

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