Why you're child might be having trouble at school.

You may know that your child is bright and full of potential, but the realities of school can sometimes have a pretty disheartening way of really pushing them to the grindstone. Just because your child is not currently doing well at school does not mean that they’re not capable. But rather, there are a lot of factors that could be getting in the way of the potential they could reach.

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A poor routine

Managing a family can be tough, there’s no doubt about it. However, if your child doesn’t get the time they need to work, sleep, and get ready in the morning, they could be getting into school unprepared and low in energy. Creating a real family routine and being a little more organized in how they spend their time can help them be a lot more prepared and energized for the day of learning.

Neglecting the studies

Children don’t need to spend hours studying every single day, but it is true that if a little too much time is spent away from certain topics and subjects, then your child will forget them. As such, you should make sure that you’re aware of the topics that your kids are understanding, and to try and layer some additional learning for them to be able to keep on top of it. You can make it fun, too, for instance, with educational family trips.

A mismatch of learning styles

Sometimes, it’s all about learning what methods and modes of learning might best suit your child compared to others. For instance, some children tend to be more kinetic learners, others more audial, and others more kinetic. If you can get a good idea of what kind of learning style fits your child, then you can help adapt their curriculum so they might better engage with it at home.

Undiagnosed learning difficulties

Learning needs change from child to child and can develop or be noticed at any age. As well as issues like ADHD, you should also consider options like dyslexia if your child has trouble reading, or even hyperlexia if they have excellent reading abilities, but seem to lag elsewhere. Getting a diagnosis and learning more about the condition can open up the road to therapeutic plans, as well as tools and tips you and your child’s teachers can use to reduce the barrier that such difficulties present.

A poor learning environment

You don’t have a lot of control over the kind of learning environment your child is provided in school (unless you plan to move schools), but you can make sure that they’re not riddled with distractions at home. Creating a study space at home, and making sure that distractions like the TV, video games, or your other kids are kept out can make it a lot easier for them to focus on homework and studying when they get home.

If your child is having trouble at school, before you point any fingers, take the time to investigate the examples mentioned above, first and foremost. It could be that finding and exploring the cause could prove a major help.

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