Five Wishes

My lovely blogger friend Kera tagged me in 5 wishes today, wanna know more, go check it out here

my top 5 Wishes for 2013.

1) Be more organized- i wish i was more organized, i put things away and never know where i put them, anyone else do that ??!!?? 

2) Find a Full time job that i love going to work every day 
I havent worked since moving here except for a 6 weeks mat leave i filled in for and i hated  really disliked the job, so i have been applying non stop but so far not a word from anyone

3) Communicate - more with my hubby. I have a hard time explaining my thoughts and feelings at times, i would rather email him or text him then verbally talk to him. 

4) Save more money- we did so well in the past 2 months at saving $1000, Dave Ramsey is so amazing and we really like his stuff.

5) Do meal planning 100% i have started this and need to get back into it. 

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  1. Oh, I am definitely wishing for #4, also. Guess it's time I checked out Dave Ramsey.


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