Weekend Recap

Friday morning: I had gotten up extra early because it was Brooke's christmas concert and she wanted her ever so long, hard to curl, straight hair curled. So I used hot sticks and sock curls in all night- she had such beauty curls, I could cry when I look at her and realize how much she has grown up, soon she won't want me to do anything and may even resent me at times, I'd love to be her best friend and develop a relationship with her, I don't have that with my mom but I hope we can... Ok {that was a tangent, back to friday}
She did awesome playing her saxophone for the concert, she also sang with the choir, brooke you make momma so proud.
Concert was over at 11:30- we went home to change and hit the road....

First stop was at airport to drop of Andrew (not my husband), he is one of the Bible School students. Then we drove to moncton ( an hour and a bit awa) met my uncle to get a pkg to bring home to my grandpa.
2 hours later we picked up my BROTHER- I haven't seen him in almost a year, so we got him and then we ate food.
Get back in car and checks email with a notice from the ferry telling us our loading time has changed from 10:30 pm to 7:30 pm, we are 4 + hours away and weren't sure we could make it. We drove right thru- really didn't stop except for once to go to the bathroom because I may or may not have drank to much coke on the way :p
We got to the ferry and finds out the ferry has been changed to a different boat- the one we wanted so bad. We got the atlantic vision ( it was a old cruise ship) its so pretty inside and I didn't get any pictures because phone was dead. I will on the way back. Change of the ferries also meant our assigned seats were also taken now... So we did get the money refunded so its all ok- but this wasn't good for Andrew because he had to drive another 5 hours in the morning... We did secure some seats and got some sleep, brooke tried to stay awake all night but she did sleep for an hour and a bit. We did some exploring and tried to find a plug in for my phone but they were all square- a european boat explains that.

Arrived in Newfoundland at 3:30 am and already mentally and physically exhausted.
No coffee shops or gas stations were opened, so we drove 2 hours to find one, hubby had to give my bro the driving because he needs sleeps.
So while my brother is driving him and I had a lovely chat and made plans for a christmas eve party at my moms house.
We stopped for breakfast at big stop- was delicious.
Arrived at my parents around 9:15 am and slept til lunch, showered and then my grandpa came over to visit - it is so good to see him! Wish he was gonna be with us for christmas this year but he won't be.
Mom made me pea soup with doughbys for lunch- so good!
Her and I then went shopping for a bit, saw some friends.
Came home made dinner- home made fries and moose burgers. Love it
Moose is a native animal to Newfoundand, they shoot them here with a license and feed their families. I am a lover of it.
Spent evening watching dennis the menace christmas movies... Love it

Sunday- woke up to freezing rain and a yucky day so my dad cancelled church becuase of the dangerous driving conditions. I watched some tv with Brooke then headed back to bed for a bit. Woke up with a cold sore { it hurts}, mom and I organized presents etc. I also went to the pharmacy to get stuff for this cold sore... $20.00 later....ugh! Let's hope it helps it.
I did take a nap later in the afternoon because I wasn't feeling well- church also got cancelled in the pm . Friends of my parents came over to chat and have tea, then some other friends came by, was nice visiting time.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve which means our annual Christmas eve party with family from both sides, also friends will be coming and then we have a santa coming :) gonna be so much fun.

Have a great week and remember the first king size bed was a manger filled with hay!


  1. Interesting...moose burgers! What do they taste like? I'd love to try one :) Looks like you are having a great time with your family. And your daughter looked so pretty for her concert! Enjoy tonight and Christmas Day tomorrow. Merry Christmas sweet friend!

    1. its hard to describe the taste...they dont taste like a wild animal


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