Weekend Recap

Friday:  Another great day at work, they also gave me my completion date.... April 5th i am done, i want this contract would get extended but so far it isn't happening.
I took a pregnancy test, not that we are trying or anything, I've been feeling sick every morning and have puked every morning for the last 5, it was a relief when it showed up negative.
 hubby went to get Jaredene so she could come over for the weekend :) i love having her here, she is so helpful to me. Made chicken fajitas and Caesar salad for dinner after work, we didn't do  much of anything really Friday night, just relaxed, it was nice, Friday nights usually mean crazy times, but it was nice to do nothing

Saturday: We were invited to a breakfast with a friend but hubby was up all night sick so we had to cancel it, i felt bad but he wouldn't been much company.
I slept really late on Saturday to embarrassed to tell the time :p
We had to go do errands and get things ready for the birthday party at church on Sunday.
We had nachos and wings for dinner  and apple pie for dessert.
Saturday night i introduced jaredene to the me who loves hockey- she hasn't been here when i have watched hockey before..
i think she got bored because she asked Brooke to go watch a Disney movie with her, haha. my boys lost so we wont talk about that ( right Melissa:p )

Sunday: very early morning again, i had to be at Church by 8:30 to prepare for our Pastors birthday party which i took no pictures of, i was so busy.
we made a turkey dinner and apple pie with ice cream for dessert, it was so good. the ladies are such good cooks here.
We got our new bed delivered in the afternoon, spent time putting that together and hoping for a good night sleep tonight.

Hope your weekend was great as well :)


  1. Sounds like a good weekend, hope hubby is feeling better!

  2. Maybe your hubby had what you had? Since well you are not pregnant. As usually sounds like an eventful weekend.

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend, and hurrah for not being sick anymore. Glad you got to help with the pastor's birthday.


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