Weekend Recap

Worked til 6 pm, then I took my hubby on a date- he has been working so hard as of late on the project going live, took him to Montana's for a steak
It sure was yummy 
The roads were very snow covered and slippery, we probably stayed home but we made it safe and sound. 

Needed to do a little grocery shopping and some shoe shopping for hubby- buying shoes for me is the worst ;) Sorry honey ;) 
We had friend over on Saturday evening for some food and mexican train game- it was fun but I took no pictures. 
Stayed up far to late watching Grey's Anatomy- I am so addicted to that show and I really didn't think I was going to enjoy it, but I truly do. 

Had both services today, for once there was no storm, we did go to A&W for lunch, we needed to take Brooke for a play date so we needed to feed her first, we didn't want to drive the 15 mins home, then back again. 
One of my friends and I were matching today 

That about does it for me for this weekend, Off to watch Heartland and then some grey's. 
Have a blessed week 
Come back tomorrow for the beginning of my new blog and the marriage posting 


  1. I need to document my weekends more often...I always feel like I don't get anything accomplished but I'm pretty sure that if I actually write out a recap I'll realize I'm busier than I think ;-)

  2. Brooke looks so beautiful in that dress!

    I am also addicted to Grey's. :)


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