Weekend Recap

It felt like this week has gone so quickly, work has been so busy, taking a later lunch which I have been doing works great, I go back around 2:30 and then I have to take another break before I’m done for the day.. but the weird thing was this was a long day, does that make sense ;) 

Need to brag on my girly for a second, she had to write a poem a few weeks back for school they had judges etc and she came in the top 10 in the whole province, I am so proud of her, so proud of her. 

I had a ladies night out, we went to McGinnis landing, my food was amazing and i may have eaten it all… then they brought out dessert, it was Chocolate Eruption, that I really wanted but I could not eat all of it, so I shared with some other ladies around the table.
some of the ladies 

My food, that is a huge piece of ribs there 

Chocolate Eruption cheesecake

It was a reveal for our secret sister that has been going on for a year that I have gotten spoiled rotten over, tonight she gave me the top present here, which is a London Bridge clock that I have fallen in love with a while ago, not sure how she knew that but she is awesome, she is one of my best friends at church, Thank you Wanda, thank you so much for spoiling me

This is present from through out the year 
I just realized I didn't take a picture of my christmas present from her 
so here is part of it 
yes it is christmas theme but I still have it out.. is that wrong ;) #sorrynotsorry
also got me a big box of Lindor chocolates ( my absolute fav's), candle melts to go in the warmer ( apple pie and cookie dough scent), and a tim hortons coffee card


Woke up to Broke making us breakfast in bed, it was the best coffee and toast i have ever eaten. So proud of my girl.  
Our pastor called and said he had a meeting and asked if I could watch the kids, it was a short visit,  then hubby and I went to town, I needed to get the ingredients for cheesecake and stopped to say hi to a friend. 
Made wings and Nachos for Hockey Night. 

Sunday :
We woke up to about a foot of snow- we had no AM service because of the winter storm. 
We slept in, cleared the snow, ate some yummy food and cheesecake and played games. 
We went to visit our friends after PM service for pizza and coffee, they got a new little puppy, he is so adorable, I wish we had no allergies so we could have a little fur baby. 

How was your weekend?

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