2015-2016 Secret pal

Each year at our church we pick secret sisters. Tonight we did the reveal, I was shocked and never once thought who mine was, in fact when she told me I thought she was teasing me,  it was my BEST FRIEND Cristie. 
I wanted to put a post together to remember all the wonderful things she gave me, she spoiled me all year long

First gift of the year

I love this body wash and this infuser is great, I use it a lot

a gorgeous throw blanket, pillow and a coffee mug

Fall present 
Christmas present 

My reveal present, gorgeous purse, bath/body wash, mug, book. 
Our pastors wife gave everyone a magnet with their name on it.. 

The person I had wasn't there, so I will give hers to her on Sunday at church. 

We went to swiss chalet for dinner, we had such a great night. 

Thank you Cristie, you are appreciated and you made me feel so loved. 


  1. Your secret pal did a great job. Such sweet gifts and such thought put into them. It has been a long time since I have participated in one of these, makes me miss them. Cute gifts!

  2. What a fun idea? How does this work? Is your church really small or large? Do you get together once a month and open gifts. It might be fun to try at my church. We're always looking for ways to grow fellowship and friendships.

    1. in the beginning we fill out information and then we all put into a bag and randomly draw a name. we don't get together once a month, we do give them a gift each month, we have to do it secretly, so we can leave it randomly somewhere or pass to someone else ( not a female who is taking part). after 12 months of doing this, we do a big reveal where we all go out to dinner etc.

  3. What a fun idea to do with a church group! You really did get spoiled, those look like great gifts!


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