Weekend recap/ Inlaw/Easter Edition

Friday began with a day off ... I cleaned a lot and then relaxed while hubby made some chilli, his parents arrived around 7 pm, they had travelled all day to get here for Easter.
We had Chilli and nachos for dinner when they arrived. Then we chatted a bit before we all went to bed.
Finally after 3 long months OUR SON is home, he arrived from Guatemala at 5 pm.

we had some house viewings at 11:30 am, we went and saw three houses, now we have narrowed it down to two, who knew that this part of being an adult would be so stressful.
We need more room then we have now, as we have no extra bedroom, we also want a craft room, or a music room and one of the houses gives us both of those, another house will give us the extra bedroom/office but also has some potential for building onto it. So we have no idea what to choose, we are gonna send both listening to our bank and see which one will give us the best options etc.
Andrew had music practice so we came home and I napped while everyone played some card games.
Then we took them to East Side Mario's for dinner.
After dinner we went bowling... It was fun, it's been a while since we've gone. 

Sunday: Easter Sunday is one of my favourite services. 
We had a lot of special singing, a drama and we got to see friends that we haven't seen in a long time.  For lunch we did a taco bar... It was yummy.
After evening service we celebrated my Pastor's birthday. My father in law made his famous German chocolate cake... It was so good.
Monday: it was a holiday for both of us. We cooked the traditional ham dinner and had friends over. My father in law loves to cook and he does a great job of it.
They leave in the morning, it has been a nice weekend with them, hoping their trip back home is quick and not feel like forever...they have a 13 hour drive ahead of them.

Have a great week


  1. It looks like you and your family had a great time this past weekend!

  2. Happiest Easter to you all! You have so much love in your family.

  3. Nothing is truly better than being with family during the holidays. :)

  4. Love spending time with family too!


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