Weekend Recap

I left work early because I was having a lot of bladder pain, so I came home and slept some and then  felt better. Hubby decided he would work later, so we had a craft night, I made some things for my planner and did my weekly layout. 
I also watched some Longmire, I really like that show, it is more drama that I usually like but I am addicted now. 

 We all slept in then we had to go to town, I wanted to go to Michal’s for some crafting stuff, but I never found anything I wanted…then we went to get some groceries and came home… i relaxed some and then we cooked food for the work pot luck. 
Hubby had an international potluck for his work, here are some pictures
German Potato salad 

Spicy Thai grilled veggies 

it was so delicious, there was so much food

The dog belonged to the hostess, beautiful black lab 

We had a great Sunday morning service- Our Pastor's wife spoke on Blessing's. 
We are such  very blessed people. We have so much compared to some places in this world.. overflowing fridge and pantry's ( at least I do because I have a grocery shopping problem), fresh air, water, shelter, fancy vehicles to drive... I could go on and on.
My sister sent me this picture of this angel girl. I miss my nieces so much 

After service we went to Harvey's for spicy burger and fries.

How was your weekend? 
Also by the way.. I am missing my blog and one post per week isn't enough anymore, I want to get back into it, this week I will be back with Dating Idea's, so be sure to check back and may even get a post about Life Lately up. 


  1. Gosh girl, it feels like forever since I was last here. I have missed blogging quite a bit. I'm checking out all of my favourite peeps blogs today and had to stop here. :)

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend, for the first time in a long time mine was quiet and relaxing. Loved it.

    Will come back soon.

    xo Tami

  2. looks like you had a fun weekend!

  3. Looks like that food was wonderful! I bet I would love the potato salad and love love those grilled veggies. My husband makes grilled veggies a lot and I love them!

  4. I always appreciate your positive outlook. We have so many blessings, right? It's important to count them.


Thanks for the blogging Love

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